Friday, February 18, 2011


I carry strange type of doubts in my mind every time this time i am struck with this concept of choice and satisfaction . When we look at these words separately we dont find a great deal of relationship unless we observe clearly they stand together which is hard to realize . We find choices in few parts of our life and rest we wont be left with options or choices . We got to stick with them . Infact we love them a lot than those which are choosen from choices . Making this even simple we love our father and mother more than anyone in the world . And we dont have to choose from them . Hence if we are asked a question if you are satisfied with your father it would be a big joke . Our father is what he is and we accept him as himself . Hence there is no question of satisfaction ,but this goes vice versa in the case of our spouse because we find choice in choosing them .

It not that i want to convince that when you have choices it may spoil you levels of satisfaction ,though we are satisfied we lag behind some where in the future . So its how we understand a relation ship or any thing that deals with choices .

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