Sunday, November 27, 2011

Into Project @ TCS

Been a long long time since i have posted something on my blog .I am missing this place badly . Finally after long training and after 1 month of waiting i.e on bench i was put into a project . Name of the project is GICC global infrastructure command centre . I can proudly say i work in NOC speaking simple i work in L1 support where much has to do with process rather than technical . My colleagues are ok I should say not bad . And about work hmmm feel like bit hectic . Should be working all the time . My Team Lead she is good looking tall lady . I should say during the early days she was just another TL like any other project has but as i have started working along with her i realized that she is super good. She is quick thinker and grasps things very fast .

And not just this but she co ordinates very well .Seriously if i have this talent of reading once mind i would read her mind all the time. Because i strongly feel like she is doing her work all the time and she observes each and every person that is really difficult thing to expect . Hmmm and so far so good i am trying to impress her at the work but somewhere somehow i feel like i am missing it. Dont know why its not ticking that fast . And coming to case of me in personal coming to this project actually changed me a bit i guess a lot in few aspects . Firstly i believe i am now a bit more organized when doing things. My ability of remembering things is very poor previously but now i have improved infact my work demanded this so i have to remember . The only thing i feel like missing is learning. But i strongly feel that is upto me if i strongly make make my mind to learn nothing can stop me.