Saturday, January 30, 2010


My first blog was reagarding the frustration i had regarding my project . But i forgot to mention a point of resurgence. Its an obvioius thing that when u are forced to do something which u dont like u tend to abstain times revolt , i said its obvious because even animals like cat do acquire this quality but how about humans . To some extend resisting oneself is good , infact it is adviced but is this should followed by every one . I can say that if gandhi is famous in his way equally Bhagat singh. Their ways of going against might be different but they had this idea clear U got to fight against odds. How many people will possess this quality , frankly speaking not many because you can't expect every one to have this . Then how can this problem of figting against be solved here comes the topic of leader. A strong leader who is not just good enough in influencing the people but should show his virtuso and bravery when needed.
Straightly coming to the point most of the students are concerned about their marks , He should be.... but howfar is the practice " lecturers blackmailing students is correct". This is an open secret ,this happens even in iit's or smallest engineering colleges of road side. This sort of thing is something i can say advicable in some cases but lecturers has to understand that this should not be used in a wrong way to satisfy their ego what ever it be. Because students of youger age specially round about teenage do possess immence confidence and attitude so they tend to revolt for every thing so many universities give this option for " giving marks for conduct " . If things are going wrong its upto students who has to revolt if they still get feared of marks or what ever it be it finally ends up to be student ruining his/her own career. As i mentioned earlier it happens naturally that every student possesing such quality is not usual, so atleast they have to support the other guys who stand front to fight against . If he couldn do this he is not more than a robot.. Fact is that lecturers and parents are to be considered as demi gods as per hindu ethics . I will totally agree with the ethics.. But what my question is that they are humans too , they can commit mistake too.

After all the whole bla bla bla i vented out may be right or may not be but acting wise is some thing compulsary because world around is about how u manage ...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winning over Yesterday

Its been a long time since i tasted something called success. What is success every one has their own definitions for success it might reaching a goal already set, or winning over others ,trying to stand up to the standard that was set. I have been all these type of success but frankly speaking i never found that real happiness in those things.. Something which i thought is real success is winning over yesterday. If i could satisfy with things or the improvement to that of previous day ..

This is surely something ridiculous because this is practically not possible but what i think is that, all the happiness we find with those i mentioned above are like instantaneous they last for some time , But i am in the search of real happiness which can long forever. In fact comparing today with yesterday is not exactly the theme what i exactly wanted to say but about the happiness we get when we work . The more u work more the happiness u get. Many great people say that love the work u are doing .It should not be hard work it should be loved work . Definitely if we do something with deep love and belief surely it ll work ..

Reaching goal is not at all a task in that case.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The whole day i just wasted that is what my opinion. i should study for my exam but couldn make up my mind atleast to reach books. what is the problem with me , i find myself that i need some sort of motivation,what is motivation , ridiculous is it not silly to wait for some one to say that you should do ur work . When i am waiting for others to motivate me its like i am robot or something else waithin for getting recharged. The only thing needed is that i should do the things that i am suppose to do , since yesterday i started to write down the prime work that i should do and i could find only 2 to 3 not more than that . If at all i couldn manage to complete those works where am i heading to .
Waiting for some one to instigate you to do something is not possible all the time . There is a saying in TELUGU " ADAGANIDE AMMAINA ANNAM PETTADU" its says that even ur mom will not give you food untill u ask her . If this is the case with my mom what the hell others can do ..... Definately i may end up my post today in a negative sense difinately my next post will be whoosing with confidence. Its just that work i do will boost my confidence..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


REPUBLIC DAY,as long as people in india recognize this day to be more than just a holiday, thank to god. Frankly speaking not many people know why is republic day special every one has their own reasons for celebrating this day . It is not just a comment but i had every rason for telling this because early in the morning when i wake up frm my bed i could hear these patriotic songs . One of my neighbor he is planning to catch the attention of the area corporator and also people around here for his career in politics. He got the bumper chance to exhibit, kids of my tenant are eagerly going to school unlike every day just for the reason because they dont have to carry a big heavy so called education on their back and most importantly they will be awarded with choclates besides the corporeal punishments . And this list will go on as i intrude into every one's life .. Frankly i dont wanna say that people are missing out patriotism or something ,if i say that i should be a big jerk. What i mean is that its not the great patriotism a country will ask u its the small help that u extend to the needy when u are in a stage of doing that ... we are humans try not to destroy humanity in us..............

Monday, January 25, 2010

My project

This might be an awkward way of starting my blog but i should do this because its almost great grief coming from my bottom of my heart . With a lot of hopes and deep interest i started my final sem of my . What not i started searching many things to make my project to be a memorable one for my rest of life. Suddenly everything were crushed because of my hod .He is a big jerk i have ever seen , this expression is just something like comment ,i had every reason for saying this because when me along with my classmates started to request him that we wanted to do our projects in an other institute that we thought is good enough , As a grown up guy i tried to understand my self that my hod might be right ,not just that he is hod he is elder to me but these answers are not restricting me to think against him. Because i faced all those hell problems in the institute which is suggesting sorry i should say forcing to join even after explaing them clearly i couldn make him convinced. Its almost like i lost patience at one point of time ,but still i have to stand up not just because for marks but for telling myself that its a subtle thing called life ,which looks alluring ,but actually not in reality