Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Walk that means a lot

                      Definitely i am nebulous about what i am saying but dont know thats something which made me blog it for today. Its been long time since i got myself busy with things. As i completed my graduation i was just making most of the time. I am doing what not , watching movies. freaking out with friends.  But yes still i had some sure optimism that is making me confident .Yes i had it , something that questions me all the time why some one need to eulogize u to do something, And more over i had some weird things that keep pricking my mind all the time , as a part of my project and hobby i have involved my self into electronic projects during last stage of my UG , and just to prepare a moving body we have to present our heart and soul, and still we couldn make the best.. Every time when i recheck things some fault or other surely comes out , and i wonder how was over body developed which is so realistic , and flexible. If god has made this definitely he deserves all the prayers we offer.

                     And the most ridiculous thing is not getting inspired from ur body. U are given wonderful construction of no cost and ur sure inability couldn make the most of it and still blame god what is that u have done to me. Its an incontrovertible thing that work we do offers 90 percent of result from our input and these things are not to be isolated . Erudition is the mere thing that we tend to find in most of the people , yes thats what the life is all about and bitter truth is we have to accept the people as they are because there is world around you and that is surely not built for u . U are just a part of  this world. This pervasive truth , No one will expect the magnanimity from others its just the simple fact of respecting what they are, never mind until or unless they hurt someone.
                    Hmm  loads of philosophy definitely i am not cynical or obscurant  but just what i feel the thats is what i feel strongly. And these things will be learned only when u meet different people in ur walk of life . Yes u meet with lot of people in this brave journey what is called life i have met a lot of people but not many were my buddies to core just because i couldn't realize the fact which i mentioned .