Monday, February 21, 2011

My CTS interview .

I got to be blogging this because this is disaster experience to me. I have been to tirupathi . Last Monday , suddenly on Wednesday i got the mail from cts to attend for the technical interview . With a great effort after traveling for about 14 hours i reached here and i gave my interview . I am done with all the three rounds but still i couldn't make it to the final list . Definitely what the hell can i do if the interview person asks me how a digital camera works or how a micro wave owen works . I am an electronic graduate yes of coarse but this does not mean i know every electronic good . Right now i am not really obsessed but now enough has happened i am looking forward for my joining into TCS . I can't answer every time that i am still waiting for my joining .

Friday, February 18, 2011


I carry strange type of doubts in my mind every time this time i am struck with this concept of choice and satisfaction . When we look at these words separately we dont find a great deal of relationship unless we observe clearly they stand together which is hard to realize . We find choices in few parts of our life and rest we wont be left with options or choices . We got to stick with them . Infact we love them a lot than those which are choosen from choices . Making this even simple we love our father and mother more than anyone in the world . And we dont have to choose from them . Hence if we are asked a question if you are satisfied with your father it would be a big joke . Our father is what he is and we accept him as himself . Hence there is no question of satisfaction ,but this goes vice versa in the case of our spouse because we find choice in choosing them .

It not that i want to convince that when you have choices it may spoil you levels of satisfaction ,though we are satisfied we lag behind some where in the future . So its how we understand a relation ship or any thing that deals with choices .

Friday, February 4, 2011

Betraying oneself

This happens with most of the people around me some say i am positive some say i am optimistic some say i live this way . But i feel they are betraying them selves is this how we lead our life . Betraying ourselves . I just want to make it simple and make my own point . We do a lot of things every day we meet a lot of people every day and philosophy says everything has a meaning and impact. And the magnitude of the impact depends on the perception of the impact . And it is definitely the most difficult thing because if we perceive the right thing from every thing we come across after say 15 to 20 years we will be a perfect human being or a spiritual guru .
This is what the problem i am facing i feel that i can do a work and i postpone it at that point of time i know that i have to work out but i betray myself that i know that but actually not . There is a small distance between betraying oneself and betraying others definitely betraying oneself is a bigger crime than betraying others because others may realize one day that they are being betrayed but if you betray yourself it gets really difficult to realize and after certain point of time you try to convince people around you . Hence the best way to understand oneself is stop betraying then we can live life in a meaning full way and we can actually start winning with spirit .