Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Negative sides of success

One of dear friend of mine quotes success as just edge over others . Yes it might be right in some cases . But this time i have some thing really strange to blog , dont know why but i have been trying to understand what a success is and unfortunately i find ill effects of success too . What ethics in simple words means that good things . You need to do good be good . That is all , but how difficult is it to be ethical these days frankly speaking very difficult . And my point is that we are not really that confident of what we believe in untill we achieve something . Consider the case of period of pre-success we tend to follow some roll models and get inspired from them and along with this i firmly believe there is a wild part is us too and i should say that part is hided in this pre-success period . It shows only minor symptoms . But what happens is when we attain this success we tend to believe in ourselves . Now we also start believing in our wild part of us too . Now if the volume of success is a larger one we tend to even portray that wild part too thinking that this may even inspire some one else .

Now what is happening most people are really normal people definitely not Vivekananda or Gautama Buddha . We strive for success and we improve bad qualities too. But some where or some how i have an answer something called common sense and attitude matters and here these things play some role in moulding us.