Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yes run as much as u can , as long as u can, with as much of fire as u have, taking all the support u have, That is what life is been teaching me since my child hood. What is this crap called burning desire it is crap for me because i am totally mistaken or mislead regarding the exact theme what burning desire is all about. Its been common thing happening to me , dreaming high and not working enough . This has been a regular comment that i make it for myself almost tired of doing this . Let me try to open myself surely i had ego . Yes its the ego which asks me why not u. Yes that ego well question me don't u have that capacity . Yes that ego lures me about the sweet taste of heights which can be felt after u reach your goal . That ego which will make my mother feel proud that finally my son is an achiever too. Yes that ego is good for me because it implants confidence in me.
Yup your failure or lagging will try to portray ur mistakes that u tend to commit because u only look at ur mistakes when u fail. Why shouldn't i look at my positives . It gets even difficult to recognize a positive thing when u fail it will be equally close to negative thing . And after all besides this recognition . Its also how u pretend and how u display ur self is equally important because its that ur whole physical body shows ur presence . And not but not the least ur words make impact too. I am down under for now , I am not making the most of things i had with for now . but this cant be guaranteed . Definitely i ll bounce back one day .. But i pray god that still even will persist with the same meaning of ego which i know right now...

Venting out some emotions , coz these blogs are more than inspiration for me so i share ,i learn ...............

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I lost my pocket guide

This might be a strange heading to start with yesterday i lost my phone Nokia 3110c . Hmmm my phone is more that something which is help ful in keeping in touch with my friends. It has helped me in a lot of ways i bought it during early in my second year of b.tech . I loved it a lot despite of some problems . I ll try to ameliorate the way i lost my phone it was bizzaring one for me . I am writing my first internal of last semister of my engineering and i had two exams yesterday and it was during the second exam time was around 3.30 . After completion of the theory exam we were waiting for the objective type and suddenly Madhu my dearest friend started playing holi with my class mates and this Balakrishna sir (examination incharge ) . Came there running with objective papers in his hands and we rushed into class so as to complete the exam . Madu came to exam hall with the same hands and that was totally filled with colors he couldn catch the paper with his hand so he is trying to remove his cell phone in hes pocket to use as paper weight , and i just took my phone and i placed on his paper . I never thought that it is going to be the last time that i will touch my phone . Madhu in a mood to celebrate he went out as soon as he completed his and myself as if i am writing my exam superbly i was trying to attemt all the questions and forgot about my phone . I came out of the examination hall and i realized that my phone is not in my pocket immediately i asked madhu and he was too busy at that time . Initially i was not tense because i thought all the guys who are in the exam hall are my class mates and can be trusted enough . And guess what i am trying to call my phone answer is switched off. As i activated the call divert option ,message was not exactly Switched off . This is the last thing that can happen to me to loose the entire trust that i paid on my friends . Every one started to rush to their home .
I have to pity myself that other that the lecturer i had no one to suspect. Definately its totally absurd if some one of my class are the thiefs . Because i never had any tiffs with any of my class mates. Its been a long time since i lost anything other that a pen or a pensil . And this loss is hurting me alot because my cell phone has helped me a lot in learning english coz for every now and then i use to check out my english meanings . I mean i had english dictionary installed in it .................... GOD