Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two hectic days

Its been a long time since i wrote a blog hmm this time i would like to vent of myself i had two good days i hopefully and confidentially guess . First day i would like to describe is about the seminar organized by T.I.M.E on 21 feb. This seminar was regarding Macro Economics . I can say this is really good seminar infact best seminar i have ever listened to , and coz seminar was held at A.P.S.R.T.C. kalabhavan and all the students of T.I.M.E of twin cities attended the seminar and believe me hall was really full and to my good ness the stage was occupied by only one person and he stood in the same position till he complete his lecture from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm . Coming to about the seminar he started off differentiating what is macro economics and what is micro economics and as the seminar itself is titled with Macro he slipped of micro economics sagaciously and as of macro economics he said that macro economics is linking every thing..
Traditionally he started his jargon from past and this is nontraditional because i liked it as expected he started explaining about monopoly and guess what he mentioned this word almost when he was about to end the lecture regarding past. He started of directly saying that people in the past exactly speaking economist in the past advised every one to produce goods as much as they can . And the moment he said this it was like a big surprise for me later on he tried to convince that there were no companies in those days and change over between demand and supply is really high . And then he continued saying that this is what we say monopoly and then he told about classical laws for macro economics . These are something which we can find in academic books then he explained about kaynes laws , this was something strange because he explained the situation clearly saying that U.S had really bad time during early 1960's and they couldn't find way out and then they asked this guy . Guess what was his answer creating opportunities is important so he advised almost a weird thing he asked govt to give employment to every one in the country by asking them to just dug trench and fill up that trench next day . So finally as they get the money for their work they spend it for several reasons and finally money is getting distributed and trading started . This way U.S managed to come out of the situation .

Hmmm this is a long lecture and i will continue this in my next blog

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Being a BUISINESS men

This blog of mine is going to certainly different from that of my earlier.. Cool coming to case of what i am intended it , There are few thing buzzing around past two days were about ipl matches being shifted off from hyd and the bla bla bal regarding MNIK..
Firstly coming from northern part of India MNIK stir in mumbai has certainly created big news for media. The reactions from Mr SRK are certainly expected because he is involved in business and advertising is heart of this..It will be my foolishness if i say that just because of advertising srk entered into verbal fight with MNS but i strongly feel that besides uplifting his inner views its also a chance for him to advertise his film. So why shouldn't i think this way srk is desperately trying to show his resilliance and this his given him a bumper chance and not just that this is also giving a great deal of advertaising for his film . Because a film which is expected for entertainment actually caught attention of government and guess what home minister of mumbai is shocased on the main paper of hindu today showing the ticket he got for the film , I was shocked because only occasion this pose might be during elections which will urge for peoples attention to vote. And other silly thing is that people of mumbai are showcassing their passion in watching film which they almost feel like patriotism..

Coming to the second case shift of ipl matches from ANDHRA PRADESH . Mr Lalit Modi is well known as a business man and he has done his job . I can remind a saying "Every thing is fair in Business and Love". He first shifted opening ceremony from hyderabad to mumbai showing the proof of agitations going around then he shifted all the matches from hyderabad to nagpur. Ofcoarse unofficial information say that Sasank manohar is responsible in influencing Mr .Modi.. What ever it be as a hyderabadi , I will surely agree that there are agitations going around here but not that high so that these matches has to be shifted. Because its not just the loss of money for DC team and HCA but the sheer respect. If this happens it becomes difficult for upcoming metropolitan city like Hyderabad .Its open fact that south indian states are overlooked but disrespecting this way is really absurd because CM of our state himself came into picture for requesting about the matches ... And other fact is that Convenor of JAC(Telengana) Prof.Kodandaram himself gave a written confession that they would not create any problem for ipl matches but still governing counsil of IPL is reluctant ..And they are ready to organize matches in Mumbai where Mr rajthakrey openly declared that australians will not be allowed into maharashtra including cricketers
MR MODI its not just business but values also matter............

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cross Bar Switching

Hmmm This is my first technical blog. this is neither a different topic nor innovative this is some thing which was done before but i still feel that i have done this putting my 100 per efforts .......... Cool coming to the topic i started doing this project as one of my friend wants to control 20 odd switches with a minimum of pins used so i opted for this cross bar switching......
Technically there are two ways of solving this problem but practically when situations like responding only when the switch is pressed , arises it becomes difficult ......In such cases constant scanning of either rows or columns is desired..
I had this problem solved with a small technique firstly i ll consider all my columns to be initially in high state and then i ll try to trace the switch such that i ll have this infinite loop which makes the row high every time and checks if there is any change in the column because if the key in corresponding row which is made low is pressed then corresponding column gets low Like wise to satisfy the condition of responding only when the key is pressed a while loop is again used ................... Program looks as follows




This looks pretty easy but it took almost 4 days to get the exact output.
I had almost 3 algorithms but i found this to be easier not just to understand but for the sake of execution too..........



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Revealing Actor In ONe

Since 2 days there is buzz around about the burder of young girl Vaishnavi. She looked pretty. She dead just because of the degradation of the human values . Killer responseble in her death was actually blood related to the vitim in an illegal way. Frankly speaking i am not aware of the whole story . But i am qoting this to my knowledge.. Coming to the poing , I started of my post as buzz around, it should not be the article like this should be started but that the reality in man or let me take it as me. I am sending my condolence for her. But in reality that case has nothing to do more than condolence. What i want to exhibit in this blog is the hype that is created by media. Will there be justice for the victim by killing person who killed her? .........
I am not suppose to talk about the murder its not just i am an engineer but also i am poor at knowing the sections as per indian peanal court. But to the extend of philosopy what i think is that these are the situations where ,when they are displayed , they will ask for or drag grief that is there in the humans. If situations like this occur reacting and sending the condolence or to some extent doing the help that is there with in you is good enoungh and adorable . But how good is that to display the grief as if the victim is u best friend or person belonging to ur family . It is not the cruel comment but its the ralit which has to realized. I could see people of my family dwelling on her death its almost like ridiculous for me . I think this is the time where the fine actor in all of us come out . Because these type of situations will actually ask for such things and as part of the big phrase HUMANITY this come out , which actually not humanity. If u can go help the needy or else do the things which u ought to do. After the invasion of electronic media into the lifes of human lifes these things are creating a lot of importance , But for me i think its not good , ofcource media has lot of things to do , but they are doing more than things which they are ought to do. As a result here we are sitting in hyderabad an thinking about the things hapenning about 300 km away with no relation to either victim either personally or in the common sense.
After all they it obvious that u cant expect every one to think the way i am expecting , it will be harsh if i say this. What i end up saying is that do the things which we are suppose to do and showing a bit humanity along is good enough , I can say more than good enough because