Thursday, August 19, 2010


What is actually a toughest phase of one's life . 2 months before i said i dont know . But now might be yes this is the one which i am facing . I dont totally agree with this toughest phase of life but what actually makes something tough is when you feel something genuinely as tough or something which was made to look so by the people around . Definitely cant escape that i do carry some sort of jealousy which i imbibed during my student life and i just came out of student life hence i find some reminisces . Might be because of that i am feeling pressure . Every time i try to overcome that sort of shit but cant escape every now and then some person or the other or some situation will make me think .

As i said earlier tough thing is what actually made by the things around you and the real courage comes out at this point of time which makes you to work against the odds , but something called fate do exist . Its funny to say fate or mention this point but fate in this situation means a lot . I can say i do carry a lot of passion but things happening around can alter ,concisely speaking might be the people or might be the situation u are in impede you from achieving the goal . But one thing is for sure you cant ostracize things for this reason .
I can look Sanctimonious to some extend but that is actually something which makes me stand erect to the tides of life it is important that whether i crossed the tide or not . No matter how nefarious those tides are u have to cross it only then the value of real inner mettle comes out.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great song i ever listened to in my life

Movie: Sirivennela

Lyricist: Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry

Language: Telugu

Vidhata talapuna prabhavinchinadi anaadi jeevana vedam...ommm...
prananadulaku spandananosagina aadi
kanula kolanulo pratibimbinchina viswaroopa vinyaasamm...
edakanumalalo prathidhvaninchina virinchipanchi

sarasaswarasurajhareegamanamavu samaveda saramidi...
nepaadina jeevana geetham..

virinchinai virachinchitini ee kavanam..
vipanchinai vinipinchithini ee geetham....

prathisa vaeneeya paina dinakara mayoogha tantrulapaina..
jagrutha vihanga tathulai vineela gaganapu vedika paina...::2::
palikina kilakila tvanamula swaragathi jagathiki sreekaramu kaaga..
viswakaryamunakidi bhashyamugaaa....


janinchu prathisishu galamuna palikina jeevananaada tarangam
chetana pondina spandana dhvaninchu hrudayamrudangadhvanam...:2:
anaadiraagam aadi talamuna anantha jeevana vaahini gaa..
saagina srushti vidhaanamu ne,,,


naa uchwasam kavanam naa nishwasam gamanam....:2:
sarasaswarasurajhareegamanamavu samaveda saramidi...
nepaadina jeevana geetham..


In the thoughts of the creator the ancient living veda has born..omm
The earliest salutable hymn that has enabled senses to the human nerves..omm
The representation(exhibition) of vishwarupa that has reflected in the ponds of eyes...omm
The Brahma's song that has reverberated around the mountains of
This is the gist of sama veda, which is like the movement of angels
The life song that I am going to sing...this song

I re-wrote this poem By becoming Brahma him self ...
I made you hear(sang) this song By becoming a bird ...

On the flute of Eastern side and on the strings of morning sun...
becoming the sounds of woken up birds on the stage of blue skies..
when the rythm of that spelt twitter sound has become the initiator of world..
By making it the holy message of universal act..

I re-wrote this poem By becoming Brahma him self ...
I made you hear(sang) this song By becoming a bird ...

The waves of living sounds that will speak out of every infant that is born..
The sounds of a heart that are like Mrudanga's sounds when the heart is responding to an emotion (chetana)
By making those earliest tunes on the adi tala as the eternal life saga..
That ever going natural(creation) process ...

I re-wrote this poem By becoming Brahma him self ...
I made you hear(sang) this song By becoming a bird ...

My Inhalation is the poem..
My Exhalation is the song..

Got to confess i just copy pasted this from some odd website but this song is something which wakes me up and energizes me so i thought i should do this

Thursday, August 5, 2010


     I say yes he is god. Surely i had a specific purpose to write a blog regarding this special person . He is none other than sirivennela sita rama sastry . This is his name as far as Telugu Film industry is concerned his actual name is Chumbolu Sitarama sastry . One and only maestro when it comes to the case of writing lyrics. He has penchant interest in telugu literature . His lyrics are peculiar and stand different  he is special because of the range of variety that he provides in writing lyrics and also belligerency that he shows in his writing. I am a huge fan of SRI SRI a famous poet . But i never found a poet after him and now i could feel the same essence of sri sri in sitaramasastry's poetry.  The main thing that amazes most of the people is he constructs great sentences with normal words and also he uses pretty peculiar word . And many a times when he writes a song he strives for atmost judgement i.e... the singer has to convey actual meaning of the song . And if things go wrong he is a cruel commentator .

      He had his respect equipoise for most of the people but if he finds things going wrong he is the first person to come out either with his poetry or his lecture. And the present day songs which demand a variety of lyrics because of the shape of the tune . But this genius never kept songs which floated on tune , his songs just gets enconced in the tune firmly.