Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life not regular in Metro

I am proud to say i was born and brought up in one of the metropolitan city ,Hyderabad . All my friends enjoy the special thing about being a metropolitan . Life in a metro actually starts after 9 o clock . This is the most unfounded thing. People here actually spend their best of the 24 hours time during the night when the other part of the world starts sleeping. My blog will be really small to explain about the night life in metro . Either it be the pubs or it be the temples . what not ,and what if its a 31st of December , i am sure very very few people actually go to bed on that day , Every where you will find night shining with lights and people instead of having drowsy faces actually wait for clock to tick 12 o clock and when it happens they party a lot , damm lot , Drinking,roaming and celebrating.
Having tasted all these things(Except drinking) still i feel my old way of leading life that is going to sleep by 10 o clock and waking up early in the morning and giving a grand welcome to new year into my life . And not just this one mostly i try to go to bed early, because waking up early in the morning is fun , dont know why that actually gives some happiness . I strongly suggest to my readers doing this just sleep by 10 o clock and wake up at 4 or 5 o clock in the morning start doing work , that day would be really good . You will enjoy it to the maximum . Ever since i was student i use to wake up at 4 in the morning to study(atleast name sake) . I am not sure how much i learned in the morning time but i enjoy the rest of whole day . Just wanna remind an exaple small kids if we observe they wake up early in the morning and they start playing happily, just because its the warmth that they find with nature despite being with mother . And believe me that warmth is same as that we find in mothers lap .

Friday, January 7, 2011

Are we learning it right

I am having almost a night mare when i tried to teach Java to my sister who is 4th topper in her college and passed her first year in distinction . The nightmare is that she being an Computer student could not understand the basic thing in a programming language , its commenting a line (if you are aware of any programming language you ll know this , All i can say its the most basic thing) . It just not about her most of her friends are in the same situation . Is this the problem with the student or lecturer or university who is responsible in giving 70/100 in her final exam.
My concern is not just about my sister its about the system , definitely i am not the right person to show up the faults of a university , but who is the sufferer , This is not just small case because a place near my home called Ameerpet is very famous for teaching computer related subjects . If i go there i can find huge youth opting to study there , Most unbelievable thing is that almost all the people whom i find there are actually graduates and believe and specially from B.Tech and guess what they come there just to learn the subjects which they should have learned as a part of graduation .

Whom should i blame is that the parents who are paying chunks of money for their kids future . Is that the student who spends of half his teenage in the college imagining that those shit things will mould his future bright . Or is that the lecturers who come there feeling that student understands what ever they say . If i am not wrong most of the engineering colleges are like fools paradise . Where are we heading to .

But still personally i am Techie and i understand things in my own way , its just that simple if you wait for some one else in this world to come and reform you , You will get stagnated . This doesn't mean that Student should start running with their life i feel its all about answering your conscience .

This is it you will do some thing or the other , because after all philosophy of life says every thing comes next to life . Its all about how you tackle things . If you can you are victorious .


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Local Train is fun

Since my childhood ,until my graduation i stayed in Hyderabad but i never got a chance to take train , every time i use to travel by bus but only after graduation i started to travel by local train . I had this habit of foot-board traveling in the bus during my intermediate . It was not a big fun but i use to do that because many of my friends even do that . I was grown up enough when i started traveling by train and i avoided foot-board travel thinking that it is dangerous . But yesterday i got this chance of foot board traveling . Believe me its totally a different feeling when you watch the running track beside you and if it is during afternoon the cool breeze kisses you every time and what not you will find JANNAT(heaven). And specially when you are crossing a bridge you can find no land under our legs and feel like flying .
Definitely foot-board traveling is not good but still once in a while with good care it feels good and makes you free from all the tensions . I loved the feeling and hence i am blogging this .


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who is the victim ? ?

I had a special experience of learning a bold story of one of my lecturers who taught me java . Mr Durgaprasad , I joined his institute to prepare for my SCJP exam . I found him to be more friendly unlike other faculties . But i got to know about his story which was really touching . And he tells the story with great pride .
He starts up directly with the hardships which he faced during his under-graduation( . His father was a farmer and as usual same old thing it is difficult for his father to send him the money every month . Typically most of the Indian students specially south indian students face this . And he said how he use to manage his money . Every month he use to get something around Rs 150 . He has to use them for the entire month and what he use to do is he goes to a small hotel where he can get a bowl of rice with sambar(south indian food) poured in and to save that food he use to save half of the food for the night and he eats the rest as a lunch and when he opens his box again for the night dinner every day there use to be water squeezing out from the food . And he said proudly that he still use to eat that .
After reading this these were stories which many people faced specially my previous generation people . The thing that this poor lecturer wants to convey is as he never had money to buy books he use to borrow from his friends and write the notes in advance so that he will have all the notes before the exams . And he proclaims that if at all he had money he might not have been this successful earning something around 1 lakh or 2 per month .
Yes i do have mixed feelings for his responce , as from child's perspective i have nothing to blame because even the child is a human being and he carries typical temptations . I he is lured and given luxeries he will get habituated to them and even addicted and obviously it gets difficult to getaway from them . And form the parents perspective , they earn a lot thinking that their child should not have all the problems they had in their childhood and they provide all the luxeries . But i feel they are actually forgetting the factors which made them successful what they are today .
On the whole its the perception , once the child grows old he has to understand himself and move accordingly and definately when the child is brave enough to take decisions parents are always there to support . After all Parents are the children's first well wishers .