Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life not regular in Metro

I am proud to say i was born and brought up in one of the metropolitan city ,Hyderabad . All my friends enjoy the special thing about being a metropolitan . Life in a metro actually starts after 9 o clock . This is the most unfounded thing. People here actually spend their best of the 24 hours time during the night when the other part of the world starts sleeping. My blog will be really small to explain about the night life in metro . Either it be the pubs or it be the temples . what not ,and what if its a 31st of December , i am sure very very few people actually go to bed on that day , Every where you will find night shining with lights and people instead of having drowsy faces actually wait for clock to tick 12 o clock and when it happens they party a lot , damm lot , Drinking,roaming and celebrating.
Having tasted all these things(Except drinking) still i feel my old way of leading life that is going to sleep by 10 o clock and waking up early in the morning and giving a grand welcome to new year into my life . And not just this one mostly i try to go to bed early, because waking up early in the morning is fun , dont know why that actually gives some happiness . I strongly suggest to my readers doing this just sleep by 10 o clock and wake up at 4 or 5 o clock in the morning start doing work , that day would be really good . You will enjoy it to the maximum . Ever since i was student i use to wake up at 4 in the morning to study(atleast name sake) . I am not sure how much i learned in the morning time but i enjoy the rest of whole day . Just wanna remind an exaple small kids if we observe they wake up early in the morning and they start playing happily, just because its the warmth that they find with nature despite being with mother . And believe me that warmth is same as that we find in mothers lap .

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