Monday, July 18, 2011

Training @ TCS @ Coimbatore

2 months 15 days of training , I had lots of memories to carry forward , met different kinds of people . This is my first experience to stay away from my home . I can say my bachelor life . That was fun i can say that without any doubt . I guess i have earned good number of friends which i never thought of doing . I also learned few good things from them too . The stay at hotel vishnu priya is amazing . It should be a big joke if my friends who stayed along with me in the hotel listen to this because we were asked to adjust 3 members in a room . This is kind of absurd but still i feel it was fun . And comes to training , Tecknoturf info solutions is responsible in this . Sarojini mam , kaushik sir , dhayanand , lavanya mam , manikandan .. Many more if i keep on talking about . The other best part are the trips that we had i.e tours to kanyakumari , kodaikanal , kovai katralayam , palani , maruthamalayam temple . Those were awesome experiences .

More than anything i am happy because i got the chance to meet different kinds of people , I mean to say different people in the sense of attitude . Every person with different attitude and hence different in their own way of living . Either it be girls or it be boys . I guess i almost had formal or good relationship with almost every one . Few people whom adore or feel proud to be friends are Puneet , nikhil and somansh . Besides them i also feel i had emotional bonding with swathi . Initially i am almost touched with her affection . But later on she was very busy with her other friend that she has to ignore me , this pained me a lot but at the end i have to accept it and still smile for her . I am thankful to god that i imagined her only as a friend which actually allowed me to forget her early or else i would have suffered , for sure . I had many more friends but i take the relationships as sweet memories . Specially to mention about sri durga . I really had great fun with her during the time of return journey , i was totally a different person in the train to that of one in the training . I guess i was enticed with her way of handling people right from the starting and hence i might have had some special attention , but that was not intentional . One thing for sure was she use to frighten me with her body language or eyes , which kept me in my own limits when i talk to her . Got to see how long the relation ship goes on atleas on the facebook atleast


  1. people are asking u to tell something about training like how is training?,what is going on....etc

  2. Hey guys that was my experience . If you wanna ask any questions . Be precise so that it would be easier .